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The toners are located on the table next the Downstairs copier (RICOHDOWN) :
The toners are located on the table next the Downstairs copier (RICOHDOWN) :

* '''HOW TO replace the toners :'''
* '''HOW TO replace the toners :'''
**Open the copier panel
**Open the copier panel
**Remove the old toner (put it in a waste box)
**Remove the old toner (put it in a waste box)

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  • Print
    • Black/white and color printer
    • A3/A4 format
    • Print from USB device or SD Card (JPG, tiff and PDF format)
    • Staple
  • Scanner
    • Scan to Email
    • Scan to USB device or SD Card
  • Copies
    • Black/white and color copies
    • Staple
    • The password is your birthdate (format : ddmmyy)

Toner replacement

Only replace toner when the copier ask for it, do NOT replace it because the toner is low.

  • Toners location :

The toners are located on the table next the Downstairs copier (RICOHDOWN) :

Toners location.png

  • HOW TO replace the toners :

Toner replacement manual.png

    • Open the copier panel
    • Remove the old toner (put it in a waste box)
    • Shake up and down the new toner 7~8 times
    • Remove the cap
    • Insert the new toner into the copier


IP Adresses :

  • Downstairs :
  • Upstairs :

Ubuntu 20

  • Click on Activities from you desktop :

Ricoh ubuntu20 01.png

  • Type printers in the search bar then click on Printers :

Ricoh ubuntu20 02.png

  • Click on Add a printer :

Ricoh ubuntu20 03.png

  • Type the IP address on the search bar (Ricoh Downstairs : or Ricoh Upstairs : :
  • Select the printer with the following name MC-C3003.

Ricoh ubuntu20 04.png

  • When prompted for driver choose Postscript-Ricoh then on Apply :

Ricoh ubuntu20 05.png

  • Click on the printing options :

Ricoh ubuntu20 06.png

  • Set Installable options as following :

Ricoh ubuntu20 07.png

  • You can set the printer as default :

Ricoh ubuntu20 08.png

  • You can also define location in the printer details :

Ricoh ubuntu20 09.png

  • The printer is now installed.

Windows 10

  • Go to Start menu and click on Settings :

Ricoh win10 01.png

  • Select Devices on the Settings window :

Ricoh win10 02.png

  • Then select Printers & scanners :

Ricoh win10 03.png

  • Click on Add a printer or scanner :

Ricoh win10 04.png

  • Click on The printer that I want isn't listed :

Ricoh win10 05.png

  • Choose Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname then click on next :

Ricoh win10 06.png

  • Enter the IP address from the printer (Ricoh Downstairs : or Ricoh Upstairs : :
  • Ensure that the option Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use is enabled.

Ricoh win10 07.png

  • Select Do not share this printer :

Ricoh win10 08.png

  • Set the printer as default if needed then click on Finish :

Ricoh win10 09.png

  • The printer is installed.

Mac OS X

El Capitan users : please install first this driver

Go to System settings/Printers & scanners. Click on +.

File:Ricoh mac 1.png

Click on IP tab, and fill the fields Address and Name like the following screen :

Ricoh mac 2.png

Click on Add. Please wait during the download and installation of the driver. Then, click on Add.

Ricoh mac 3.png

Then, go to printer options, options tab and select the options like the following screen :

Ricoh mac 4.png