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Our Backup server is a local storage cloud based on "Owncloud", a free and open source software. It gives you universal access to your data through a web interface or client that you need to install on your device. It also provides a platform to easily view and sync your contacts, calendars, bookmarks and more, across all your devices and from anywhere.

Installing the client

Windows & Mac

For theses platforms, the client can be downloaded from the owncloud download page.


Please refer to the the official documentation

For Linux Mint 18.x, please follow the procedure for Ubuntu 16.04

For Linux Mint 17.x, please follow the procedure for Ubuntu 14.04


There are apps for Android an IOS available. However, they are not free (~1€). Which theses applications, you can access to your files anywhere and upload files (not directories).

There is also an option to instantly upload photos taken by camera.

Owncloud for Android

Owncloud for Ipad/Iphone

Configuring the client

After installing, run the client.

You first need to specify the server address:
Backup 1.png

You can then log in with your username and password
It is the same password you use for the wifi at the lab or to log in to the IIHE website
Backup 3.png

Lastly, configure which of your folder needs to be backed up.

Backup 4.png

Sync multiple folders

Go to Owncloud settings (right click on the icon in your taskbar or systray).

Backup 5.png

Then remove the default folder. If this sync exists, you can't sync multiple folders. Now, click on Add folder, and pick a local folder.

Backup 7.png

On the remote directory, select a folder or create one.

Backup 8.png

In this example, the local folder Work Folder is synced with the remote folder Work Folder.

Backup 9.png

Start over the procedure for each folder you want to sync.

Backup 10.png

Web Interface

Once your files have been backed up, you can view the result (and download or delete any file) from a web interface.

View 1

Backup view1.png

View 2

Backup view2.png

In case of troubles

For any other problem, send an email to support-iihe@vub.ac.be