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The cluster hosts many software that are packaged with specific versions of CMSSW but that can be used in a stand alone mode.

A tool was designed to easily find what is available and which versions can be used.

To list all the available software:

/software/bin/soft.pl --list

Most used software are specific version of gcc that are needed, or a root or geant4 version. To find all the available gcc versions:

/software/bin/soft.pl --versions gcc

Now, to get a given version of gcc (4.6.2 in this example) :

/software/bin/soft.pl --load gcc/4.6.2

This prints the full path of the init.sh that you have to source to get the desired version of gcc :

source /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/slc6_amd64_gcc462/external/gcc/4.6.2/etc/profile.d/init.sh

Let's now check the version of gfortran :

gfortran --version
GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.6.2