Install Windows ATP Antivirus

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MCafee antivirus is now replaced by Windows Defender ATP for ULB computers on Windows.


  • If you have Mcafee installed you need to remove it first :
  • Get the file McAfeeEndpointProductRemoval.exe then execute it.
  • Accept the licence terms :

Mcafee removal licence.png

  • Tick remove all product then click on Remove :

Remove all mcafee.png

  • Click on remove products

Mcafee confirm removal.png

  • You computer will restart
  • Get the file W10-WindowsDefenderATPOnboardingScript.cmd
  • One the file is downloaded right click on it and choose properties, unblock the file :

Unlock file.png

  • Start the script as an administrator :

Runas admin.png

  • Click on "yes"

Accept UAC.png

  • Follow the instructions to install Windows Defender ATP, once the script is terminated you can test the installation by running the following :
  • Press Windows+R
  • type "cmd", press enter
  • Type the following :

sc query sense

Check ATP.png

  • If the status code is 4 running Windows ATP is installed and running.